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Haut Technology



RenewstablE® benefits


Deliver a stable, firm, dispatchable power to grid.

Mainly considered as a baseload power plant. In addition, it can follow peak demand depending of the storage capacity and PT. PLN main targets at operation phase.

Could provide grid services : frequency regulation and voltage support, island mode, blackstart mode, easily interconnected with dispatch center (depends on negotiation with offtaker).

Capacity factor > 80 %

Can go as capacity contract, similar to Gas power Plant.

GHG emission free during operation.

With all the benefits, it is competitive against diesel power plant.

About hydrogen

schema H2O-01.png

Hydrogen technology has been around since the 19th century. This technology is well-known for being proven and non-polluting. HDF works exclusively with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen energy systems. 


The long-term hydrogen storage technology is based on the water cycle: it consists in breaking down a water molecule (H2O) and then recomposing it. The system only emits oxygen and water. It contains no chemicals, therefore there are no harmful emissions or pollutants.

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